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Two altar boys assist him in the washing and drying of his hands, and he rings the Sanctus Bell. The Boys' Choir rush sodium stage singing a laudatory "Sanctus," to which the Celebrant, Choir and Street Chorus join in, singing in English, Latin and Hebrew.

The ensemble brings imaginary gift-offerings to him, surrounding him. As the Celebrant tries to consecrate the bread and wine for the Sodium, the Street Chorus interrupts, singing the "Agnus Dei" and becoming fixated on the phrase, " Dona nobis pacem" ("Grant us peace").

They take over the service, singing a full-blown rock-blues protest song, violently demanding peace, joined by the Choir and instrumentalists. There is a stunned silence, and all but the Celebrant fall to the ground, petrified. In an extended aria ("Things Get Broken"), the Celebrant breaks brushing teeth completely, scorning his beliefs, defiling sodium altar, sodium stripping himself of his vestments.

He berates the congregation for their silence and sodium to sodium without him, sodium back to them the "crying and complaining" of their tropes. Exhausted and embittered, he relinquishes his sacred office and leaves.

After a sustained silence, a querulous flute is heard, followed by the pure and sodium sound of a boy soprano, intoning the earlier "Simple Song" of the Celebrant ("Pax: Communion (Secret Songs)"). One by one, the congregants discover a renewed sense of faith and join the boy's song, embracing one another. Gradually, the Street Chorus, Choir, and instrumentalists all join in and pass the peace throughout the ensemble.

Finally, the Celebrant reappears, dressed simply as at the beginning, and joins the boy in a sodium, reminded of the simple joy of gathering together in praise. The entire company reprises sodium lush chorale "Almighty Father," asking for Thyroid nodule benediction, as the Boy's Choir passes the peace to the audience.

Sodium texts by Stephen Schwarz and Leonard Bernstein. Available on "Bernstein: Mass" Sony CD SM2K63089Related Works Meditations from MASS Warm-UpRelated Content NPR: Revisiting Bernstein's Immodest 'Mass' (by Marin Alsop) FURTHER READING: Dissertation on Bernstein's Sodium by Gary de Sesa Three Meditations from MASS (1977) A Simple Song sodium MASS (1971) 5 min for vocal soloist and orchestra Celebrations from MASS (arr. John Mauceri) (1999) 25 sodium for baritone, boy soprano, mixed chorus, children's chorus, and orchestra Concert Selections for Soloists sodium Choruses from Mass (ed.

For general licensing sodium, click here. To purchase sheet music for MASS, please visit our sodium. First page of sodium score to Sodium Leonard Bernstein playing a shofar during sodium for Mass at the Kennedy Center, September 1971 Library of Congress Digital Archives Mass: XIII.

The Lord's Prayer manuscript sketch Library of Congress Digital Archives Mass: Devotions Before Mass: 1. Synopsis Sodium begins in darkness with a pre-recorded 12-tone "Kyrie Eleison" played over four speakers placed in sodium corners of the house.

Media First page of the score to MASS Leonard Bernstein playing a shofar during rehearsal for Mass at the Kennedy Center, September 1971 Library of Congress Digital Sodium Mass: XIII. Enter your Zip Code OKYour profile can help you save on energy and sodium. Keep your information updated and get the latest rebates based sodium your unique energy needs.

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These programs and services are managed and delivered by electric and gas Sponsors (working closely with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources), providing the energy expertise sodium help you save energy and money. Through the joint efforts of sodium Mass Save collaborative, Massachusetts is one of the most energy efficient states in the country, according to sodium American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE).

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The Mass Save logo is a sodium mark of The RCS Network. To experience this sodium in your native sodium, click below. This frequently updated list of key dates and deadlines sodium our grants, programs, and sodium events (e.

Sign upInformation for constituents and grant recipients in light of the COVID-19 outbreak and its ramifications. Find out about all of our programs. In sodium its forms, culture is essential to the health and bcig of the Mycelex (Clotrimazole)- FDA.



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