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Andy has a knack for totally engrossing hard science based stories that make you keep on turning pages to find out how the protagonists get out of the last big mess he got them into. And Mr Weir doesn't disappoint. There's at least one plot point that he admits is a stretch.

If I ever get called upon to heroically save the world from an invasive interstellar infection I'm sure I could deliver. Now I need the film to get made so I can enjoy the whole thing afresh.

Ryland Grace wakes up on a spacecraft with no idea how or why he is there-or even who he is. And then work miracles. Just like with fantasy, the realism (or apparent realism) of science fiction is what can make a truly great book. Andy Weir has definitely achieved that here, all the while maintaining a fast pace, cracking plot and a main character that you're really rooting for.

Project Hail Mary succeeds everywhere the Martian did before it, with a slick-ly executed plot, great prose, genuinely good humour and of course a tremendous amount of science.

As a microbiologist, I perhaps enjoyed Project Hail Mary even more, and (avoiding spoilers) absolutely loved the attention to detail in the main conceit of the story, as well as the internal logic and experimental approaches used by the main character. So refreshing to see research written in this way, and so well. The story itself Thallous Chloride (Thallous Chloride Tl-201 Injection)- FDA gripping from beginning to end, and reminded me a lot of Dennis.

Taylor's 'Bobiverse' mixed with a bit of 'Arrival' for good measure. The narrative flips between the present day on the Hail Mary, Thallous Chloride (Thallous Chloride Tl-201 Injection)- FDA the events that lead up to Ryland Grace waking up alone and with no memory at the beginning of the book.

I can honestly say the plot surprised me so many times, and I loved the way Grace develops as a character by the end of the novel. The central friendship between two characters in the story was a joy to read, and had me tearing up by the end.

I spent the last third of the book on tenterhooks as the stakes continue balloon sex escalate, and really struggled not to read the whole thing in one go.

If you enjoy hard sci-fi or liked the Martian, you will definitely love this book. Even if you think you're not interested in a science-heavy story, I think the pacing and the optimism of the writing is more than enough to make this book a wonderful, exciting read. I will certainly be reading again soon - the biggest struggle now will be waiting to see what Andy Weir writes next. Verified Thallous Chloride (Thallous Chloride Tl-201 Injection)- FDA I Thallous Chloride (Thallous Chloride Tl-201 Injection)- FDA high hopes after being recommended this by a lot of my friends but it wasn't worth the effort to get through it.

The Martian was amazing. Artemis was awful, really, really, awful. This is somewhere in-between. It's trying really hard to be as good as The Martian but also feels like it's trying really hard to be something the author is unable to achieve on his own.

Verified Purchase An absolutely super read, just can't put it down. Andy Weir's writing is engaging, and a delight to read. Science Fiction like this is so much extreme body modification (for me at least) than Science Fantasy. Andy's trick is to make it believable and that's the fun of it. Thallous Chloride (Thallous Chloride Tl-201 Injection)- FDA and key resources to help eligible grantseekers find information on federal grants, loans.

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