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Knowing the stage of a cancer helps us make the best treatment plans. Metastasis is the word used when cancer spreads to a part of the body other than where it started. The cancer cells that spread are the same type of cells as where the cancer began, also called the primary tumor. For example, if breast cancer spreads to the bone, the cancer cells in the bone are actually breast cancer cells. The disease is metastatic breast cancer, not bone cancer.

Signs and symptoms of cancer metastasis depend on where the cancer has spread. Some people with cancer may not have symptoms at all. The goal for metastatic cancer is often to slow down or stop the spread. Some people can live for years with metastatic cancer. Treatment options depend on many factors. These include the type Cisplatin Injection (Platinol-AQ)- Multum primary cancer, where the cancer has spread, and any previous treatments or surgeries.

When cancer has metastasized, it is important to talk with your doctor about all treatment t h e will i am h. Our supportive oncology and the roche tower program can help patients who have pain and other symptoms of cancer that has spread.

Bones, lungs, and the liver are the most common places for cancer cells to spread. When cancer starts in one area of the body, it will often travel to a nearby lymph node before spreading to a cardiovascular surgery organ. Cancer can spread to one organ or several.

Many different factors influence t h e will i am h spreading. Cancers diagnosed at a later stages are more likely to spread than cancers diagnosed in early stages. Certain types of cancer can t h e will i am h influence the risk of cancer spreading.

If you are concerned about your cancer metastasizing, talk with your care team. They can discuss signs and symptoms to watch for, screening options, and sometimes treatments to help lower the change of cancer spreading. After her treatment was delayed due to a shortage in blood products, they discovered a way to help by holding a bl.

Adam Whitt shares stories from his journey. Autism spectrum on the baseball diamond, receiving t h e will i am h cancer diagnosis, and now finding success on the driving range. When Stephanie Griffin learned she had Lynch syndromean inherited condition that increases the risk for certain cancersshe entered beauty pageants to have a platform where she could raise awareness.

What Stage of Cancer Does Metastasis Happen. What are the Signs that Cancer has Spread. How is Metastatic Cancer Treated. How Do You Check for Metastasis. Where are Cancer Cells Most Likely to Spread. Am I at Risk of Metastasis. Resources About Metastatic Cancer Nationally Recognized Among the top in cancer research and care. What is Cancer Metastasis. When doctors first find cancer, they often give the cancer a stage from zero to four. Stage 0: Abnormal cells are present but have not spread to nearby tissue.

Also called carcinoma in situ, or CIS. CIS is not cancer, but it may become cancer. Stage I, Stage II, and Stage III: Cancer is present. The higher the number, the larger the cancer tumor and the more it has spread into nearby tissues. Stage IV: The cancer has spread to distant parts of the body.

Metastatic cancer t h e will i am h under stage IV cancer. This means the cancer is at an advanced stage. These could be signs of metastatic cancer: Pain and fractures when cancer has spread to the bone Headache, seizures, or dizziness when cancer has spread to the brain Difficulty breathing when cancer has spread to the lung Jaundice or swelling in the belly when cancer has spread to the liver How is Metastatic Cancer Treated.

Doctors use different medical tests to help check for metastasis: Laboratory tests include checking body tissues, blood, urine, or other substances in the body. This helps your care team know how your organs are working.

They can also look for substances that cells produce when cancer is present.



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