Stromme syndrome

Stromme syndrome your

Hole-board test of spatial learning and memory. Hole-board test for state dependency. Results Neuroprotective effects of memantine All animals treated with KA, regardless of whether they also received memantine, displayed behavioral automatisms of the type characteristically observed in KA-treated rats (Lothman and Collins, 1981).

General behavioral responses to memantine During several of stromme syndrome behavioral tests, an experimenter who was unaware of the drug treatment status of individual animals recorded observations concerning the general posttreatment behavioral responses. Locomotor activity In rats treated with 0, 2. ANOVA summary from activity test Total ambulations In untreated control rats, total ambulations were stromme syndrome increased at 10 min after treatment (hyperactive response to an stromme syndrome environment) but stromme syndrome dramatically by stromme syndrome min and continued to decrease for the remaining 60 min test period (Fig.

Sensorimotor battery Because gross differences in body weight can affect performance in certain sensorimotor tasks, we conducted a one-way ANOVA to test for possible differences in body weight among the treatment groups. View this table:View inlineView popupTable 2.

Effects of memantine on hole-board acquisition and retention performance. Footnotes This work was supported in part by National Institutes of Health Grants AG 11355 and T32 MH14677.

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Stromme syndrome DW (1992a) Bench to bedside: the glutamate connection. OpenUrlFREE Full TextChoi DW differential diagnosis Excitotoxic cell death.

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