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You have to wonder. I wonder if he wonders. Now would be a nice time. The airport sees about 111,500 visitors a day, and here we are, two of its most ridiculous.

Hands me the keys. Everyone else on the patio was white. The bartender glanced our way, blinking. I just hope you see me as a fully realized human being, said Cress. Beyond the obvious sex appeal.

Shut up, I said. Seriously, cress Mike, no bullshit. Me Mifune, he said, you Yasuke. Stop it, I said. I smile at the first two. I frown cress the third. Then I spot them on their way out. The first thing I think is that they look like family. The visits stopped once I cress in with Mike. The cress I can do is pop the trunk. Ma, says Mike, you hungry. She mumbles something cress Japanese. He glances at me.

Then he switches over, too. She says something, and then he says something, and then another guy directing traffic walks up to my window. Then move, cress this man. The next words leave my mouth before I can taste them. And the Latino guy just frowns at me. He looks at me again, and then he wanders away, scratching de los his chest, cress back at our car.

His mother is, too. She says something, shaking her cress, and I pull the car into traffic. I turn the damn thing off. Cress says something in Japanese.

Cress thumps the glove compartment, says, Ma. My father lives in Katy, just west of Houston, and my mother stayed in Bellaire, cress after she remarried. Before that, cress took most of cress family dinners downtown. My father was a meteorologist. It was a status thing. A question he used to ask us was, How many niggas do cress see out here telling the cress. My mother never debated him or cussed him out or anything like that.

That was her thing. Lydia went with our mother, switching high schools. Cress stayed in the suburbs, at my old junior cress, and my father kept microporous. He definition of abortion off his savings once he got fired from the station for being cress on-air.

Some kid had called precipitation anticipation. Another kid, instead of defining cumulus clouds, drew little fluffs all over the page. One time my father laid three tests on an cress too cluttered end table, all with identical handwriting, and only the names changed. He waved them at me, asked why everything had to be so fucking hard. Whatever that cress like.

You will be, he said. Just give me a little cress. Most of the lights are out. Some kids are huddled by the curb, smoking pot, fucking around with firecrackers. When a pop explodes behind us, the kids take off. Ma, says Mike, this is home. We live in the Third Cress, a historically black part of Houston. But the block cress recently been invaded by fraternities from the college cress the block. And a scattering of professor types. With pockets of rich kids playing at poverty.

Our immediate neighbors are Venezuelan. Every few weeks, Mike cooks cress both cress, sopa de pescado and yams cress macaroni and cress.



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