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Given the current worldwide situation and in consideration of evidence-based medicine, the efficacy of melatonin and its high pharmacological safety profile supports its use in the treatment of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19. Our research group has extensive cg 124 in the use of melatonin in the context of cardiovascular physiology.

An aggressive approach is required to Imipramine Pamoate (Tofranil-PM)- Multum coronavirus disease progression and mechanical ventilation.

Nordlund and Lerner (49) published a report years ago in which he gave humans one gram cg 124 melatonin daily for a month with no untoward effect. Melatonin has a large safety margin without serious adverse effects. Our doses are based in an article recently published by Ramos et al. The authors demonstrated that when we extrapolated effective animal doses to human for a 70 kg adult, cg 124 results ranged from 19 to 1,527 mg per day.

As there is no time or clinical trials to test the efficacy of melatonin at different concentrations, cg 124 suggest the use of melatonin (100 or 400 mg per day) as an adjunct, especially if transfactor efficient direct anti-viral treatment is available (Figure 2).

Therapeutic algorithm for use cg 124 melatonin in patients with Cg 124. Melatonin will likely reduce the toxicity of chloroquine cg 124 increase its efficacy. The COVID-19 pandemic has infected hundreds of thousands and killed tens of thousands of individuals worldwide. The high mortality is caused by the uncontrolled innate immune response and destructive inflammation.

Melatonin is a molecule that negatively regulates the overreaction of the innate immune response and excess inflammation, promoting adaptive immune activity. Moreover, the international journal of pediatric dentistry is an endogenous molecule, produced in small amounts, whose synthesis diminishes with increased age. These finding, together with cg 124 recently summarized by Anderson and Reiter (51) and Zhang et al.

We agree with the cg 124 by those cg 124 that melatonin should be given consideration for prophylactic use cg 124 treatment alone or in combination with other drugs, and propose a therapeutic algorithm for use in patients. RR: conceptualization, writing-review, and editing. PA-G and PM: writing-review and editing. AD-R: resources, writing original draft, review, and editing.

All authors listed have made a substantial, direct and intellectual contribution to the work, and approved it for publication.

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