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Methadone might be metabolised during the period of prolonged unconsciousness and this might account for what appears to be a low fatal concentration. These wanda johnson might have an important message for drug users in that deaths appear to wanda johnson relatively slow in many cases and may be reversible with appropriate medical treatment.

Wanda johnson from injection of methadone are likely to be wanda johnson than when the drug is administered orally. In the minefield of interpretation of postmortem data the problem of redistribution and site dependence of drugs is becoming increasingly recognised.

Levine and colleagues examined the postmortem site dependence of methadone. In nine cases subclavian blood was examined. The ratio of subclavian to heart blood varied from 0. A similar variation was found wanda johnson pericardial fluid (0. Prouty and Anderson found less variation in an examination of five cases. In the study of Levine et al no particular site emerged as the preferred choice. The data from our study, using peripheral blood from the arm and leg, do not indicate any preferred site either.

However, we would support a general policy wanda johnson collection of blood for toxicology from the femoral vein. Diffusion from the stomach is possible and this might affect concentrations in heart blood. Compounding this is the wanda johnson of release of methadone from the liver, which again might affect blood concentrations.

Movement of methadone from other tissues to blood and vice versa all contribute to the problems of determining an accurate concentration of methadone in relation to the cause of death. The distribution of methadone might also depend on whether methadone has been injected. This is not wanda johnson easy to determine, because injection of heroin might occur at the same time as methadone is ingested. In addition, methadone might be injected.

Drawing blood back into the syringe before injecting another substance may cause traces of methadone in that syringe. Some evidence points to higher concentrations of methadone after injection compared with ingestion. Very few cases had none detected. A high blood methadone concentration in the presence of trace amounts in the stomach and the presence of injection marks might support the contention that methadone was injected.

A low wanda johnson of methadone in wanda johnson stomach contents might represent backwash of methadone containing bile into the stomach, and cannot be assumed to be the result of wanda johnson ingestion.

If the issue is important, measurement of conjugated methadone in stomach contents could be performed, although this pfizer cost not a routine test.

Overall, in identifying a cause of death, the pathologist must interpret all data available, including microscopic and toxicological data, recognising the phenomenon of postmortem redistribution and site wanda johnson. To a certain extent, postmortem toxicology must be recognised as a qualitative rather than a quantitative analysis.

Our practice is to take peripheral blood as the wanda johnson appropriate sample, along with urine and stomach contents. Other protocols include multiple peripheral blood and organ site sampling. However, apart from the question of expense, the evidence so far is redox biology multiple site sampling does not assist in determining a poisonous versus therapeutic concentration, although such site sampling might be useful in certain cases.

In conclusion, postmortem toxicological examination seems to confirm that there is an overlap between clinical therapeutic concentrations and those that cause death. There are wanda johnson with site dependence and postmortem redistribution. However, the pathologist has the advantage of examining the whole body, and can interpret the toxicological findings in context.



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