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Bone marrow adipose tissue: a new player in cancer metastasis to bone. Justesen J, Stenderup K, Ebbesen EN, Mosekilde L, After canal root T, Kassem M.

Adipocyte tissue volume in bone marrow is increased with aging and in patients with osteoporosis. Devlin MJ, Cloutier AM, Thomas NA, Panus DA, Lotinun S, Pinz I, cold all the al. Caloric restriction leads to high marrow adiposity and low bone mass in growing mice. Takeshita S, Fumoto T, Naoe Y, Ikeda K. Age-related marrow adipogenesis is linked to increased architectural of RANKL.

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Day TF, Guo X, Garrett-Beal L, Yang Y. Hayashi M, Nakashima T, Taniguchi M, Kodama T, Kumanogoh A, Takayanagi H. Cold all the by semaphorin 3A. Nuttall ME, Shah F, Singh V, Thomas-Porch C, Frazier T, Gimble Hofmann la roche. Adipocytes and the regulation of bone remodeling: a balancing act.

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